My name is Kelly Nobles, I'm 35, the wife of Eric for 14 years, mother to 4 daughters and follower of Christ. Welcome to a little piece of my life, my daily struggle of living with a DVT and all that comes with it! I am 13 months in the fight of my life. I just had my 7th surgical procedure. Over the next few months I will go back to the beginning of my battle and re-tell the story of where I was, where I am and finally where I hope to be. My heart is to be transparent and to help others. I hope to educate prevention but even more than that I would like to offer a gentle embrace to those affected by this silent killer. So welcome to my neck of the woods, may you be blessed!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Post 23...DVT's just some stats and facts you need to know...

Yes, I know, it has been a long time.  I apologize if I've left some of you wondering if I was ok.  If so, to answer that concern, I am still hanging in there.  Thank you for praying and standing with me through this.  I appreciate all the kind words, concerns and prayers.  Know that I never take any of you for granted and thank God for those who have been steadfast in their prayers for me.

I have told you some of my story through this blog but I think we have reached a point where I feel you should know some facts about DVT's.  DVT, Deep Vein Thrombosis.  It is a blood clot in a deep vein.  You can have blood clots in superficial veins but blood clots are their most serious when they reach or are developed in a deep vein.  Deep veins carry blood through your organs and if a clot reaches your lungs, you have what's called a PE, Pulmonary Embolism.  You can have a heart attack if that clot goes to your heart, or you could have an aneurysm if it goes to your brain....all can be fatal and often times, are. 

The Statistics: (Source is Bacchus Vascular, and CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

-Approximately 600,000 people are diagnosed with DVT annually and 1/3 of them die from a pulmonary embolism

-DVT and PE's are the 3rd leading cardiovascular killer BEHIND heart attack and stroke!

-DVT/PE cause more people to die annually than breast cancer and AIDS COMBINED!

- 10-30% of people diagnosed with a DVT will DIE within 30 days of that diagnosis.

-Sudden death is the first symptom in about 25% of people who have a PE from DVT.

-33% of people with DVT/PE will have a recurrence within 10 years!

Shocked? I was.  I have had to stop researching because the statistics and findings are so staggering at times I feel gobbled up by the facts.  I have to remind myself that TRUTH trumps fact!  You can get so caught up in the facts of this world and what we see that we forget that as a follower of The Lord, Jesus Christ, we are called to believe in what is not "seen"!  By the Lord's stripes that He took upon that cross we are all healed.  Although I can't see that healing yet I know I am.  You have to believe you are healed more than you think you are sick. 

I'm not saying don't do the practical things for our health on the contrary we should use wisdom and understanding to do what we can to help the healing process.  This is why I shared all those statistics with you.  DVT's are silent killers and there are so many things we can do to prevent them.

Just a few off the top of my head:  Don't smoke (smoking thickens the blood making it more likely to coagulate/clot), get at a healthy weight (being too heavy can lead to clots), stay hydrated (drink plenty of water, dehydration thickens your blood), keep your blood pressure in a healthy range, exercise and eating a low sodium diet.  If you sit at a desk for work or travel there are calf and leg exercises you can do while still or sitting to get the blood pumping.  Lastly, WEAR COMPRESSION STOCKINGS!  There is just not enough training out there about the benefits of compression therapy.  Since we have Rejuvahealth stockings we now have choices.  You can wear compression hose discretely even in a fashionable way now so aesthetics is no longer an excuse to not wear compression hose! 

If you already have had or have a DVT and the complications that come with that I have some information to offer.  I will bring that to the blog table in the near future, I think the above is quite a bit to chew on.  I welcome questions or suggestions.  Make wise choices, stay safe and healthy and spend time with the Lord...till we blog next time...LOVE YOU"S!!!

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