My name is Kelly Nobles, I'm 35, the wife of Eric for 14 years, mother to 4 daughters and follower of Christ. Welcome to a little piece of my life, my daily struggle of living with a DVT and all that comes with it! I am 13 months in the fight of my life. I just had my 7th surgical procedure. Over the next few months I will go back to the beginning of my battle and re-tell the story of where I was, where I am and finally where I hope to be. My heart is to be transparent and to help others. I hope to educate prevention but even more than that I would like to offer a gentle embrace to those affected by this silent killer. So welcome to my neck of the woods, may you be blessed!

Friday, March 25, 2011

How it started...post 2 DVT Testimony

So looking back there were signs something was wrong.  I was in my third trimester of my 4th pregnancy and I noticed during workouts my left leg burned more than the right.  Even after workouts were done, my left thigh felt like I had sprained a muscle.  My Obstetrician actually answered my complaints with, "Well, you're pregnant, that's why your muscle hurts." When I persisted that I had never had this kind of pain in my previous pregnancies her reply was, "Well, you have never been pregnant a fourth time before!"  So I let it go.  You know, I'm not one to complain/whine so I backed down---my first mistake, backing down.  As months went on I gave birth naturally with no complications to a beautiful baby girl, Chloe.  The night before my discharge we asked a nurse to look at my left foot because it was swollen but my right was not.  I was assured it was water retention....and again we persisted why only in one foot but again, were told it happens and not to worry-----we backed down-------MISTAKE! 

2 days upon arriving at home, a Friday, my upper left thigh began to swell (during all this time that sore muscle feeling never went away, months of irritating pain) so we went back to the Obstetrician who told us it was not necessary to send a young, thin, physically active woman for the $1000.00 scan.  In fact he told me it was water retention, yes he insisted it could be in just one limb, and to go home and walk it off!  By Monday morning my leg was unrecognizable!  The pain was astronomical, the leg had doubled in size and it had turned purple.  My husband physically carried me back to the Obstetrician that had originally sent me home to suck it up and walk it off!  There I was; a week post pardum, baby in my arms, having to breast feed while in sever pain, scared, not knowing what was going on with my body and having the doctor tell me to rush right to the emergency room! 

I'll stop here for today.  I want you all to know that even in this state of panic, state of unknown and intense pain my Lord was still on the throne.  He had His eye and His hand on me the whole time.  This might be the beginning of a major battle, in fact, its a battle that is still not over but beloved, the war is already fought and there is VICTORY. 

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